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Exclusive Offer for Sole Traders and Micro Businesses!

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Exclusive Offer for Sole Traders and Micro Businesses!

In 2018 there were 5.4 million micro businesses recorded in the UK, and every single one must comply with Data Protection Law.

Many business owners including sole traders however, don’t obtain the knowledge or put the procedures in place to ensure their business is following the law, respecting customer data and keeping data secure. There are a number of reasons why, from a lack of awareness of data protection responsibilities, a lack of funds or the business has simply made a choice to ignore the law and their responsibilities to their customers.

Here at cyber crime services we have encountered a number of businesses who respect their customers data and have the best intentions to protect data subject rights, but don’t have the knowledge or large funds to pay for specialist support.

For this reason, Cybercrime Services has developed an exclusive product for sole traders and micro businesses who conduct very minimal processing activities but require a Privacy Statement which is compliant with Data Protection Legislation and easily understandable for their customers, suppliers and employees.

Sole Trader and Micro Business Privacy Statement

Our dedicated legal team will produce your bespoke Privacy Statement for £49.99 + VAT, making compliance more affordable than ever, and easily accessible from our friendly local team of experts. This is over 75% off our standard fee for a Privacy Policy.

Are you eligible for this offer?

To be eligible for this offer, your business must firstly:

  1. Not be registered as a company;

  2. Have no more than 9 employees;

  3. Have no more than 1 website.

If you fit these criteria, this may be the perfect product to inform your customers about how you look after their data, and bring you a huge step closer towards compliance with Data Protection Legislation.

What next?

If you match the criteria, please follow the checkout process by clicking the button below. Once we have received payment our Head of Legal Services Rosie will send you an online questionnaire to complete. This will assist us to produce your bespoke Privacy Statement for your initial review. This is not an automated document, it’s completed by legal experts including a 3 month free review.

Any questions? Get in touch.