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We are bombarded with new cyber threats, data breaches and compliance regulation updates daily. There are new policies to write, processes to implement and technical systems to update, all of which take your focus from running your business or charity.

Our dedicated team aims to break down the complex world of cyber crime, data security and compliance management, to keep your business safe, your customers happy and your operation uninterrupted.

We offer professional advice, training, legal assistance, technical solutions and insurance to provide you with all you need to help prevent a cyber attack or data breach and if unpreventable, recover from an attack or breach.

We will help you build your customer loyalty and trust through best practise and represent your business with the high standards we set our own.

Meet our Team

Spencer Hemming

Spencer Hemming

Commercial Director

Spencer started his working career in London as a Senior Consultant for London Square mile banks; Barclays, Lombard and Lloyds. There his role involved ensuring staff possessed the correct skills to handle issues such as security and data breaches. He understands first hand the devastation and cost businesses are at risk of experiencing.

Spencer has over 25 years’ experience as an Entrepreneur and Commercial Director. He has been extremely fortunate to have been involved in many business start-ups and small business organisations, working all-round the globe consulting on commercial agreements and partnerships. Spencer even consulted and appeared on North Americas Dragons Den, achieving a $500k investment for another venture

Spencer prides himself on building a family business which can provide a personalised and friendly service to all our valued customers.

Craig Marston

Technical Director

As the Technical Director at Cybercrime Services, Craig assists customers with all aspects of data security and compliance. With over 16 years of extensive experience and expertise in this area, he is able to simplify complicated terminology and tasks for our customers so they can move quickly to identify what information they store and to become secure and compliant.

Craig works across all areas of security and is a hub of knowledge for technical solutions, data protection and cyber crime prevention. Consulting for and leading multiple other companies specialising in security and compliance services for businesses, his main specialisms are data processing and telephone technical solutions, most recently contributing extensively to the development of a new telephone payment product.

Craig Marston

Rosie Hemming

Head of Legal Services

Rosie graduated with a degree in law before completing her masters degree in human rights. Rosie joined the Cybercrime Services team in 2017, setting up our legal department. She now heads the department, fulfilling all legal services as a paralegal lawyer, and provides data protection training to businesses. With expertise in human rights, Rosie specialises in data protection rights and prides herself on producing bespoke privacy policies which allow businesses to provide their customers with clear and engaging privacy information, gaining their customers trust and loyalty.

Alongside her role at Cybercrime Services, Rosie also works for a charity in Sussex, having expertise in contracts, data protection and its implications on fundraising within the third sector.