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Why use Cyber1pay?

A business has the responsibility to process payment cards securely in order to protect the company, their employees and its customers from risks of data compromise and fraud.

The whole process to get your business taking secure Debit and Credit card payments can be daunting, especially with the likes of PCI DSS and GDPR which play a major part in how we manage our customers personal data and take there payments in a secure manner.

Cyber1 Pay takes the burden of PCI DSS compliance away from your, whilst complying with GDPR. A cost effective technical solution removing the risk of card data theft, and increasing the ease with which your customers can make payments safely.

Why use Cyber1pay?

How does Cyber1pay work?

You take the customer's call using your Cyber1pay sales telephone number.


When the customer wishes to pay by card over the phone, you simply dial 729 using your telephone keypad and the payment process is started.


The customer uses their telephone keypads to securely enter their transaction details. You will not see any card details or store them removing the need for your own PCI DSS which is expensive and time consuming.


The payment is processed in the background and the money is put into your bank account


Once completed you and your customer resume your conversation


How do you get Cyber1pay for your business

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