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Cybercrime Services supports Effective Treatment Africa this World AIDS Day

WORLD AIDS DAY | Cybercrime Legal Services

Cybercrime Services supports Effective Treatment Africa this World AIDS Day

36.9 million people are currently living with HIV around the world, including 1.8 million children. A quarter of these people are unaware of their status, meaning they are not accessing the essential treatment they need.

Since the epidemic began, 77.3 million people have contracted the virus, and 35.4 million people have subsequently died of AIDS-related illnesses, 940,000 of those deaths occurring in 2017.

South Africa has the highest population of people living with HIV, over 7.2 million people, including 280,000 children under 14 years old. Sadly, only 58% of those children are receiving life-sustaining treatment. There are a range of reasons why 42% of children living with HIV are not receiving the treatment they need. These reasons include HIV stigma, a lack of education, fear of getting tested, no access to treatment and many more.

This World AIDS Day, Cybercrime Services is supporting South African charity, Effective Treatment Africa. This December, the charity is raising funds for a school-based educational program aiming to reach 4000 children in 2019. The program involves speakers living with HIV visiting schools and addressing the facts about HIV/AIDS whilst telling their own personal stories to bring stigma to the forefront of the conversation. Children will gain the knowledge needed to make safer and informed decisions about their bodies and their futures, to seek medical advice and treatment and to pass that knowledge onto the wider community.

To support Effective Treatment Africa, Cybercrime Services will be donating 10% of its profits made in December this year to the latest program campaign, plus a £100 donation on World AIDS Day to kick off the fundraising.

We invite other businesses and individuals to support a charity on December 1st, and spread the word of this incredibly important day for the global epidemic.

If you would kindly like to join us in supporting this project, you can make a donation to the campaign at

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