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We deliver free training courses throughout the year, teaming up with other experts in the field to bring information on the latest changes to the law, new technologies and the current trends in cyber crime to look out for.

Our training sessions are usually 9am - 12pm, with light refreshments provided. The morning is broken up into presentations from leading experts in their fields, including police officers, insurance providers and professionals in technical solutions, who give our attendees an understanding of the risks to their business and the knowledge to protect them.

We can also offer in-house training upon request. Please contact us at

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Training Topics:

  • Data Protection
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Crime Insurance
  • Technical solutions

Data Protection

For many businesses, data is a key asset. The protection of such data is governed by national and european law, recently updated by the General Data Protection Regulation. Since the new legislation was enacted into UK law, we have provided training to almost 80 businesses, schools, and charities who had yet to take steps towards compliance.

We provide a step by step plan to help your business reach compliance, formulated by our Head of Legal Services, Rosie Hemming. Each step in the process is explained, with sign posts to templates provided by the Information Commissioners Office, and other useful resources. Attendees are invited to take up an optional 1-1 meeting with our legal team to produce their bespoke Privacy Policy at a discounted rate.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is becoming an every day threat to businesses and charities of all sizes. 80% of cyber crime attacks are preventable by having the knowledge to take simple steps to protect your companies systems.

During our training sessions, attendees learn about the different types of cyber crime, with examples so they know when they are being scammed, and simple things businesses should do to reduce their risk of becoming a victim.

Our training is conducted by leading experts in the field, including police officers from the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit's cyber crime division and professionals in the credit card and electronic payments industry.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime Insurance

As we have seen with the number of large corporations becoming the victims of a cyber attack, there is always a risk that your companies data or money will be breached by cyber criminals, despite the money, time and resources which are put into preventing an attack.

For this reason, cyber crime insurance is becoming a norm for businesses who want to ensure they have a last line of defence in place so they are able to recover from an attack should they be a victim.

We have partnered up with Bespoke Insurance, who attend our training sessions to explain the different roles of cyber crime insurance, so businesses can decide whether it would be a benefit to their business.

Technical Solutions

With technology developing every day, there are a variety to technical systems and products entering the market to help businesses conduct their usual business with a reduced risk of data or funds being accessed without authorisation.

We invite the experts developing these products to demonstrate their products at our training sessions, and show businesses how they could better protect themselves with the introduction of low cost technology.

We most recently held a training session on Telephone Payment Services, which enable businesses to take payments without collecting any bank details themselves, and therefore reducing the burden of PCI DSS compliance. You can read more about this product here.